With the soft piece on the bottom, the entire couch feels like it . Like many others, the Jela Modular Kids' Couchhas thoughtful features like covered zippers and machine-washablemicrosuede covers. These blocks are perfect for achild just starting to climb on things! They can grab a binocular and sail away in the ocean. What Makes It a Good Nugget Dupe: While we love that this corner climber set offers the look and feel of the Nugget couch for a much better price, that's only one of the many reasons why we love it so much. One Nugget Builds. But it is 3 nuggets build, so you need more than two nuggets. $259. Please whitelist our site to get all the best deals and offers from our partners. :Here's why the Coleman Skylodge is the best family camping tent around, Just want to relax? While scrolling, you've likely seen photos of smiling children and excited parents sitting on top of large rectangular orange boxes with the word Nugget on it. Great addition.. 5 out of 5 stars (114) $ 4.00. This is a BETA experience. Some might consider this brand Nuggets fiercest competitor. The pretend tree opens up at the base giving children an adventurous place to hunker down. The five different shapes are nice, but we really only use the big square, the little rectangle and the ramp. The Smartest Sprout is not responsible for any damages, injuries, or death, caused by using any indoor play couch or the slide builds shown above. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Why? Group Black's collective includes Essence, The Shade Room and Naturally Curly. This one also has a tendency to fall down. The North Carolina company even sold out its entire inventory before the holidays last year, prompting determined parents to pay exuberant amounts for the couch on resale sites. Nugget couch ideas. The Nugget is more than something to sit on. :The best kids' audio players to kick back and relax with. We LOVE ours! Plus, it encourages muscle development, coordination, and gross motor skills. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. A non-slip base keeps spills and tumbles to a minimum, and parents can build different configurations with the Greenguard Gold and CertiPUR-US Certified blocks, including a fun slide. Who says you cannot make a nugget diving board? The simple answer? Even your pets might love to play with the nugget couches. We are obsessed with our Nugget comfort couches! Available in five sizes, from single to king, Its also an excellent option as a play mat and a comfy, sturdy sleep mattress for naps and house guests. It can be disassembled and used for building, climbing and playing. How about a little loveseat for your little one? One standout element is that the Explorer features a convenient pocket to hold a book or tablet. The Smartest Sprout is not responsible for any damages, injuries, or death, caused by using any indoor play couch or the fort builds shown above. Required fields are marked *. Do you, by any chance, have more than nugget couches? A play couch can provide several educational benefits to babies, toddlers, and older kids. Looking for two Nugget couch configuration ideas? Dimensions:Thick foldable cushion unfolds to 5 x 25 x 70 inches and folds to 10 x 25 x 35 inches; thin foldable cushion unfolds to 3 x 25 x 70 inches and folds to 6 x 25 x 35 inches; back cushions are 11 x 8 x 25 inches, If you like the games, have fun but for those who just want to get their kids a play couch, go with Foamnasium. One Nugget build. All Rights Reserved. You can transform it from a couch and into a fort, tent or other imaginative structure. For example, Did you think that you could build a nugget sofa? What to Expect selects products based on real-life testing conducted by staff, contributors and members our user community, as well as independent research and expert feedback, SoftScape Toddler Playtime Corner Climber, Alwyn Home 4-Inch Folding Sofa and Play Mat, ECR4Kids SoftZone Climb and Crawl Activity Play Set, Children's Factory The Whatsit Kids Couch, Easier to clean, plenty of colors to choose from, Less expensive than other options, great for smaller spaces, Can wipe it clean, fits in the corner to save space, Great for smaller spaces, machine-washable covers, Prime-eligible, more pieces than other alternatives, Least expensive option, removable and machine-washable cover, Luxury fabric, most chic option available, More expensive than the Nugget, spot clean only, reviewed by our medical review board and team of experts. It comes with a base, a cushion, and two triangular pillows. Leave one thick cushion flat (As a step for smaller kids) and fold and stack the rest. Child Abuse And Mental Health: What Parents Must Know About It? A twist on a standard nugget slide, kids can climb up each side of this build and roll or scoot back down to the center. The two triangle pillows give this build an entrance and an exit area. You can even purchase fun accessories to add more elements to your favorite builds. Its also Greenguard Gold and CertiPUR-US certified for low emissions. We actually have 4 Nuggets, but we do a lot of builds that are just one! A favorite of our cat (lol), you cant beat a Nugget tunnel! This hideaway is simple and sleek. We bought ours before they became popular . A Nugget play couch is an infinitely configurable toy couch. How we used our "Nuggets" to help create an obstacle course.There is not a promotion - there is no referral program. You may opt-out by. The Only Limit is Your Imagination. Kids have a choice between two slides, one with a pad and one without. By accessing this website you agree to abide by the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Affiliate Disclosure, and Disclaimer. Grandparents were recruited to pool their resources to buy one for her new baby, at a cost of just over $200. The removable and stain-repellent covers easily unzip, so they can be washed on a delicate cycle with cold water. How long does it take a new Nugget to fluff up. Sturdier than it looks, this nugget slide allows older kids to climb up the back, enjoy a semi-private fort on top, and then slide all the way down to a padded bottom. It was definitely a plus for me that it was made in Canada.. A ranch or something else? The ECR4Kids SoftZone Climb and Crawl is a sturdy set that ismade with non-toxic, Greenguard Gold-certified foam and soft, easy-to-clean polyurethane, making it a set that stands up to messes and drool, while also being safe for teething mouths. Sturdier than it looks, this nugget slide allows older kids to climb up the back, enjoy a semi-private fort on top, and then slide all the way down to a padded bottom. Click here to get my favorite Elf on a Shelf name ideas! Why 11 you ask? The Nugget is extremely popular but typically has a notoriously long waitlist for orders. This set up of the @nuggetcomfort is so cozy Its the favorite part of. The Nugget is made of 4 foam pieces and can be disassembled and configured in multiple ways. FollowThe Smartest Sprout on Facebook and Instagram! They can also put them all together to build the ultimate play gym. Recommendations are independently chosen by Revieweds editors. It still gives children the element of adventure by having to climb in order to reach their peaceful destination. It easily switches from between sitting, lounging and sleeping positions, plus can be manipulated into small forts. We may earn commissions from shopping links. This Nugget fort gives the illusion that you are hiding in a deep dark forest. 9 Nugget Couch Slide Ideas: Exciting & Active Configurations, Easy DIY Bird Feeder: Toilet Paper Roll Craft for Creative Kids, Valentines Day Crafts for Kids: 5 Easy Projects Using Supplies You Own Now. Because who doesnt love play forts am I right? Pair this set up with squishmallows for a cozy TV watching spot! I am waiting on a rug to be placed under the sofas since they are slippery on hard surfaces as expected.. But is it really a bed? Lazy Lair. I wrote a whole article about Nugget obstacle course ideas, but I think that 2 nuggets is the perfect amount combined with other elements of your playroom for an awesome indoor obstacle course! Pottery Barn Coupons | 20% Off In March 2023 | Forbes, How To Watch The 2023 Super Bowl LVII LiveOn Cable TV Or Online, The Best Sleeping Bags Of 2023, According To Rigorous Testing, The Best Home Waxing Kits According To A Hair Removal Expert, The Best Bikini Trimmers And How To Use Them, According To An Expert, The Best Tinted Moisturizers With SPF According To The Pros, The Best 4K TVs: Immerse Yourself In Your Favorite Shows, The Best Electric Scooters That Maximize Speed, Range And Safety, Get Ready For A Summer On The Water With The Best Kayaks Of 2023. Play at your own risk. My 1 year old daughter loves climbing onto, over, across these blocks. Let kids knock it down, thats half the fun! Here is a nugget configuration that helps them build. This is a great build for climbing up, over, and sliding down! I dont know if this is a bridge or what. To be fair, its much more comfy with two nuggets, but this is a fine height for kids to sit on. The Nugget Couch is so much more than a piece of furniture. Every indoor imaginative activity needs a home base. Most of the time it can play a role of a regular couch or chair. This is also a great configuration for rolling down cars or balls or as a play space for dolls! Parents You Really Need To Know About Huggy Wuggy What is Actually? 7 Tips By Therapists To Heal From Overstimulation, Understanding Childrens Anxiety: Causes and Symptoms. Use the tunnel with lots of your other builds or other toys and give the kids a place to move around. The cover, made from breathable mesh, is removable and machine-washable, and it even comes with a carrying handle for easy maneuvering great if you want to store the couch in an attic or a basement when not in use. Playing house will never get old. Like the Nugget couch, the Costzon Convertible Kids' Couch is made from high-density foam and the cover is made from super soft, machine-washable micro suede. Plus, with 4 vertical triangles underneath, you can position them to have a tunnel that (small kids) can crawl thru in the basement, too! You can see for yourself. One of our favorite forts is this lean to! Are your kids tired of building the same things with the nugget couches? Subscribe to our monthly newsletterfor expert guidance on your parenting journey. If youre not sold on the couch idea, trythis bestselling indoor play gymfrom ECR4Kids. KIVIK series - Cuddle up in comfort with this sofa's wide seats, low armrests and memory foam. While we imagine the demand for a versatile play couch wont be slowing down anytime soon, you dont have to drop a paycheck for one on the blackmarket or even join a waitlist to get your kids bouncing happily on their own. Like the Nugget, this play couch arrives in four parts: a base cushion, a support cushion and two wedge pieces for different configurations. In the years since, it served as a guest couch, fort-building venue, and toddler play mat. Here is a new nugget configuration you can help your kids to explore. Though its pricier than the Nugget, theWhatsit Kids Couch is super similar and Prime-eligible. Made from durable foam, the set includes four pieces (2 triangle pillows, one cushion and one base) that can be reconfigured in countless ways. Parents love it because kids will play with it for hours while sparing their furniture. The flip-open design comes in six vibrant colors and easily transforms into a ball pit, rocket ship, work table or stage. Children are bright and so are their thought. The submarine. The set includes six pieces: two back rests, two bottom pieces and two top pieces. Whatever your reason, weve got options. | What The Experts Say. Turns out my 4 year old loves these just as much as he does! This five-piece colorful foam play set is just right to encourage climbing, balancing, building and sliding. If your kid is a builder, this may be thebest Nugget couch alternative for them. to add more elements to your favorite configurations. What it also lays claim to is a cool color block design that looks super chic. Think of this as the Restoration Hardware of play couches. Parents are turning to theBlocksy as the ultimate Nugget alternative. There are three pieces in this set: one folding base and two wedge cushions. It is comfortable. Durable, thoughtfully designed with a lux look and feel, the high-quality Figgy play couch has a few added features that may have you choosing this one over the famed Nugget. With more Nuggets, you can do more interesting things, but having just one Nugget still gives you lots of opportunities for imaginative play. If youre looking for a Nugget-like play couch at a lower price point, the Members Mark Kids Explorer Sofa is for you. You can see it both above and below from 2 different angles. In the smaller version, we are particularly charmed by the round bolster-style armrests, whichimmediately inspire us with play options. Whats your favorite Nugget building ideas? It is amazing.. A bed is one among many funny things they build using the Nuggets. Dimensions:Back rests are 20 x 9.75 inches each at the bottom and 3.5 x 11 inches at the top; bottom pieces are 25 x 28 x 5 inches each; top cushions are 25 x 28 x 3 inches each, Love love love! Here are our favorite Nugget configuration ideas! An alternative to the Nugget should be some sort of foam structure. Extra pillows can be helpful! I honestly . The removable slipcover has a built-in Scotchgard stain release finish and is machine-washable, too ideal for the young set the chair is recommended for. Be sure to position the handles towards the wall, becasue the opposite side can be climbed like a ladder! Another great option for toddlers, this fun five-piece play set (consisting of a square, rectangle, wedge, round and half-moon shape) encourages little ones to climb, crawl and slide like pros. See more ideas about nugget, kids couch, nugget couch slide ideas. Youre welcome for that visual. These illustrations were drawn and graciously shared by Gibby Momma Designs. Kids can climb up, play behind, slide down and explore the Adventure Mountain and all of its elements. 1. Not bad! 12 Nugget Couch Fort Ideas: Interesting & Adventurous Configurations, Easy DIY Bird Feeder: Toilet Paper Roll Craft for Creative Kids, Valentines Day Crafts for Kids: 5 Easy Projects Using Supplies You Own Now. He likes to go inside, have me close the door (life the flap up) and then he knocks it down while he is inside it. Best for adventurous older babies and toddlers. Whats your favorite Nugget building ideas? Foamnasium Blocksy Kids Couch. Children full of energy can spend hours climbing up and sliding down this endless loop of fun. The Treehouse. Here are the best knockoff Nugget couches, including alternatives, The FORT, Blocksy . Your email address will not be published. We have updated our Terms of Use and encourage you to read them by clicking here. It works for everything from your tots playtime to when your relatives come into town and need a place to sleep. This is also great for throwing balls or cars down the ramp! @a.home.like.ours. They are so light that they are able to be repositioned so easily. Discover the latest parenting tips, activity ideas, and more! Some people set their Nuggets up like this as an ottoman with their couch when not in use. Read our full Nugget review! Check out our Amazon affiliate link below, I earn from qualifying purchases. Factory Direct Partners Store SoftScape Toddler Playtime Corner Climber. With the soft piece on top, it conforms to your body and you dont notice movement. If so, you can build them a stage with the nuggets. What are the chances of your kid building something that takes them upwards? The low profile and wide base make this a perfect fort for babies to crawl into and gives older kids lots of space to play. Two Nugget build. There are many funny nugget-building ideas. Why does the nugget have to be alone? My hot tip is to build these builds yourself, take a photo of each, and save them as an album on your phone. This 2-in-1 sleeper is made by a mattress legend, so you know the quality is going to be good. My kids love them! Lianna had found the Nugget in 2017 on Instagram while scrolling through indie kids' brands. A simple but sweet little fort set up. Of course, with any configuration, safety is always key. The Greenguard Gold Certified products are constructed with a foam interior and vinyl covers that make them a breeze to wipe down and disinfectjust use mild dish soap and hot water, and youre good to go. HUGE plus for it over the Nugget is that all you have to do to clean it is wipe it off, AND dog hair doesnt stick to it!! What makes this CertiPUR-US foam play couch slightly different from the competition is some thoughtful design upgrades: It comes with a removable waterproof liner thats easy to throw in the wash, velcro strips to keep structures from tumbling and handles that make cleaning up or transporting so much more efficient. Two Nugget build. At the end of the day, its a great temporary option, but probably wont serve as a long-lasting piece of furniture. Thanks to some of these funny nugget configurations, you can help your kids make it fun. Position a basket at the bottom for easy clean up. These illustrations were drawn and graciously shared by Gibby . Because nugget builds can be infinitely adjusted, they can easily be tailored to best benefit each specific age range. Plus, get deal alerts on our favorite educational toys and healthy family essentials! Desperately want a Nugget couch but you don't have the space? There are Facebook and Instagram groups devoted to buying, selling and waxing poetic about the product. Growing kiddos just love exploring, crawling and climbing over these comfy cushions. This nugget configuration here feels like a place for rock climbing. The four foam pieces come apart to create unlimited possibilities for different fort-like set ups. The Twin Peaks Slide. The Nugget is also an extremely large item, so theres also the issue of available square footage. But today were focusing on our favorite Nugget couch fort ideas. Another nice feature: For considerably less than the Nugget, this play couch comes with six pieces as opposed to the Nugget's four. Some might consider this brand Nugget's fiercest competitor. Ahead, weve rounded up the best play couches (including the mighty Nugget) and some awesome alternatives that are ready to ship right now. Rather than removing the cover (as you do with the Nugget), you can simply wipe spills or stains clean. Wanna get outside? Each child gets their own designated space, yet their spaces work together to create one giant fort. If the kid imagines being the captain of a ship, then let them. You want something sturdy enough to hold the bins of balls and any weight on top. So in order to keep your sanity (and protect your furniture), it might be worth investing in a Nugget play couch or something like it. It's basically a play couch made up of four foam pieces: base, cushion, and two triangle pillows. My two kids have loved being able to burn off energy by having a fun and safe place to jump, climb and slide down the Nugget builds. I Got Your Back. This 8-piece couch comes with two base cushions, two top cushions, two bolsters and two wedges and will never have you wanting for additional pieces for building or for comfort. Together, they make up a play gym or couch thats ideal for an imaginative tot, but neutral enough to last into your little ones teenage years. Another favorite build! And unfortunately for some, this activity most likely happens on the sofadespite being asked countless amounts of time not to. Here are some of our favorite double Nugget couch builds! Discover the latest parenting tips, activity ideas, and more! 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